Our Services

Athena Halcyon Industrial OPC offers a wide range of services under mechanical and environmental equipment contracting and consulting.

Environmental Design and Installation

For more than 15 years, our team has been doing our best to promulgate environmental awareness to all our industrial partners. Starting from Air Pollution Control Systems, to Wastewater Treatment, we can provide companies branches of solutions to manage their environmental concerns.

Air Pollution Control Facilities

Starting from the Plastic Recycling industry, we have familiarized ourselves with all the parameters needed to conform into the standardized set of rules set by the DENR to comply with Air Emission Standards. With knowledge and experience spanning from designing air pollution control systems, fabricating air scrubbing equipment, and installing duct works and systems, AHI can help out industrial partners realize solutions for their emission concerns, and be leaders of green manufacturing.

Wastewater and Sewage Treatment Plant

We offer a wide range of technology to combat water pollution and manage an industrial plant's wastewater production for a cleaner and more acceptable effluent.

Solid Waste Management | Materials Recovery Facility

When it comes to municipal solid waste and how to manage Materials Recovery Facilities, AHI leads as equipment supplier and plant designer using our knowledge and experience in handling solid waste and its proper disposal and management. 

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Machine Fabrication and Plastic Recycling Lines

Since 2005, we have been fabricating machines to cater to the Plastic Recycling Industry. By now, almost a thousand machines ranging from screw conveyors, washing tanks, plastic overflow crushers, and of course, our very specialty, the centrifugal dryer, has been manufactured and sold.

Centrifugal Dryers

Plastic Washing Tank

Aerator Systems

Fire Protection System Design and Installation

Since 2019, we have already included Fire Protection Design and Installation as part of our range of services. By now, AHI has already installed on more than 50 various industrial warehouses and plants and everyday, our market and client base keeps growing.